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At Le Coiffeur, we offer full hairdressing services and expertise in hair colouring and styling. We have fantastic, modern, lay down shampoo stations, making for a very comfortable and calming experience.

We serve our customers with integrity and are loyal to them. We focus on consistently delivering exceptional customer service with a friendly and professional attitude. Speak with us about your specific needs, and we'll be pleased to be of assistance.

We choose our products with great care. Here are our top favourites:


Keune has a strong focus on professional hair colour, styling and care. All products are developed in one of Europe’s most advanced hair cosmetic laboratories, where the highest quality, most sophisticated ingredients and the use of innovative hair technology is combined together to create products which provide reliable & consistent solutions to people’s hair needs, wants and desires.

We use the whole Keune professional range and the Keune So Pure range  is available for you to buy; Keune So Pure is precisely what it says, a pure range of sulfate, paraben and ammonia free color, care and styling products. We believe: what you use on your hair is as important as what you put into your body.

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Angel En Provence

Angel En Provence (Dancoly Paris) is pure, organic natural hair care products free from SLS and SLES, paraffin and mineral oils, and is totally unique with the pursuit of the most pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentally conscious concept. Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to break down plant essences into micro molecules allows for deeper penetration and absorption. Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective, creating dazzling results for all hair types. Luxuriously formulated based on fusing a harmonious blend of technology, purest forms of essential oils and plant extracts.

angel en provence.jpg

A leave-in treatment mask that works on the molecular level to reverse hair damage in just 4 minutes. The K18PEPTIDE™ is clinically proven to repair damage from bleach + color, chemical services and heat* – with immediate and lasting results to restore strength, softness, smoothness and bounce to hair.



Get the silky, shiny and healthy hair you have always wanted. Moroccanoil is the product that pioneered oil-infused hair care and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. Argan oil is popularly known as “Liquid Gold”. It is derived from the kernel of the Argan fruit and is one of the world's most expensive oils.

moroccoan oil.jpg

Bio Towel

The luxurious Bio Towels are made of bamboo fibres, they are disposable and compostable. It takes as little as two months for them to disappear. The environmental impact is extremely low as it takes just a bit of water to make and there is no need to wash or dry them. It is more hygienic as each towel is only used once. On the other hand, if you would like to take a towel home to compost or re-use, feel free to ask us!

Speak with us about your specific needs, and we'll be pleased to be of assistance!

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